K so tumblr just didn’t seem to post some responses I answered?? Sorry if yours didn’t publish; maybe it sent to your inbox? D:

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Sorry finished first 10 :(


First 10 done; sorry!
Check below for already done recs :)


T: team; lorde
I: I miss you; blink 182
N: nothin on you; Bruno Mars
A: Amsterdam: imagine dragons

TK (can you do it?? lol)

T: team; lorde
K: kimio; cnblue


S: stubborn love; the lumineers
A: animals; Martin garrix
R: riptide; Vance joy
H: how to be a heartbreaker; marina and the diamonds


A: astronaut; simple plan
N: nothing on you; Bruno Mars
G: good life; one republic
E: everybody talks; neon trees
L: let me love you; ne-yo
I: I like you; got7


A: Amsterdam; imagine dragons
L: Little Talks; of monsters and men
I: I miss you; blink 182
C: Cold inside; b story
E: Everybody talks: neon trees

Straight from my playlist :)


Send me your name and I’ll make you a mini playlist that start with those letters

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they better play corbin bleu’s “push it to the limit” when i’m in the delivery room or else i am not giving birth to that child 

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giffing is 70% waiting for the screencaps to load and 30% actual editing

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hello!! i was just seeing people on my dash saying that they won’t be able to get an exo first box, so i decided to make a giveaway so that one lucky person will :D

there will be one winner who will get an exo first box dvd set!


  • you can reblog ONCE a day (so that the system won’t get clogged up)
  • likes count
  • you do not have to follow me, but you can if you want (:
  • NO giveaway blogs
  • your blog has to be at least 50% exo (i want this to go to an exo fan!)
  • i will be shipping internationally

when i decide on the winner, using a random number generator, he/she will be notified through their asks (so please activate them!) and they will have 48 hours to reply. if they do not, i will choose another winner.

i’m going to order it directly from a merchandise site (i haven’t decided which one yet), so be willing to give your address as well.

this giveaway will end on the 3rd of may.

note: if exo has released a new album by then i may decide to let the winner have a choice of either the exo album OR the first box dvd. but this is not confirmed yet!

good luck!!